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About Us

Serving Manatee and Sarasota county for over 10 years, Busy Bee's mission is grounded in understanding and embracing each child or adult's unique personality, interests, and learning styles.  We tailor our instruction not only to meet their needs, but also to inspire continuous learning in order to achieve unparalleled academic success.​

We strive to nurture curiosity, instill confidence, and create independent thinkers whose acquisition of knowledge and application of problem-solving skills will enable them to flourish in an increasingly complex world. Our goal is to help individuals at every skill level, catch up, keep up, and move ahead.

Busy Bee uses cognitive learning strategies which help individuals to use their brains more effectively. This method of learning is active, constructive, and long-lasting. It encourages students to fully engage in the learning process, causing learning, thinking, and remembering to be easier. 

Cognitive learning isn’t about memorization or repetition. It’s about developing true understanding; it’s about learning how to learn.

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